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E-Commerce Secrets, Solutions & Strategies

Your Virtual Start A Business Center

We don't make websites.

E-Commerce Secrets, Solutions & Strategies To Help Start & Run A Successful BusinessWe build and develop virtual e-commerce empires, online communities, social cities, virtual urban utopias, both online & offline networks, e-commerce skyscrapers, virtual vending machines, e-commerce airports & space travel portals, underground mass transit systems, e-business platforms, ecommerce tycoons, e-commerce magnates, anything e-commerce, and everything e-commerce related and/or interrelated to e-commerce...

Think of us as an e-commerce virtual municipality warehouse & delivery fulfillment center for all of your e-commerce needs.

For us, we look at problems as an opportunity to provide solutions. Lemons by nature are sour, but without ever having tasted them how would we know how sweet sugar really is. If life throws you lemons, set up a lemonade stand to provide refreshments to those that are thirsty and you will benefit. If life still sends a supply of lemons at you, then franchise your lemonade stand.

We provide solutions to the mom & pop shops to overcome problems in order to tranform into becoming successful virtual corporations and to be able to compete on the global muti-national platform. Today on the net this is both possible and with the right solutions probable.

For today's virtual merchants, vendors and the consumer the internet is an easy place to get lost. There are tons of sellers all trying to get you to buy their products. For the e-commerce merchants there are your competitors all looking to get their edge and beat you to the marketplaces. For customers it is get your one time offer here before it is gone, then it is still there next month or else it's just too expensive to afford from your budget in the first place.

Then there are the unscrupulous individuals (and companies) who will do anything to steal your money, your identity and your credit info. Some even plant tracking programs, infect your machine with viruses, or even worse take over your machine to attack someone else with your system.

So how do create a workable blueprint, with step by step instructions, to help  YOU sort it out, so that you are surfing safely, buying quality or even if YOU are setting up a complete e-commerce empire? And how do you arrange it so it's affordable and still produces the maximum return on your investment?

Well that is why you are here....

We can help you with all this. We have some simple one stop solutions to help with getting YOU up and running, surfing safely, and in managing a vast online empire.

We provide solutions, we are problem solvers

We can help you to set up each step along the way. From launching your idea (niche), developing your brand, site-building, domain set-up, hosting, security, e-mail management, web design with advanced development protocols like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and automation in mind. Then on to the promotion stage with search engine submission, marketing hotspots, social networking, classified ads, pay per click, and adwords. Then we can help YOU expand and incorporate as many revenue streams as you can handle, so your money making machine becomes totally automated and creating revenue streams with affiliations, joint ventures and other venues.

Secrets for E-Commerce Success, Money & Power Secrets

Shhhhhhhhhhh, we can't tell you that, well maybe if you come real close, we can whisper them in your ear. No really we have to share our secrets wih our customers first, since they are really powerful secrets (Some even Top Secret) and with our secrets they have an unfair advantage over the competition. And if everyone knows the secrets they no longer are secrets are they? But for YOU we will make an exception, join in for some of our offers and when our ezines, hot new products, newsletters, and membership sites are launched YOU will be the first to know, where and when the secret meetings and power plays are happening. That's where we'll freely give away secrets about e-commerce and ways for YOU to benefit. Actually I will share some right off this site very soon. Become aware, open your eyes, and look for my e-commerce secrets, strategies & solutions hidden on this site. I will begin with my hide and seek scavenger hunt games so YOU can find prizes in December. Shhhhhhhhh.

Our Strategies for Success

Earn Money that will overflow into the community surrounding YOUWe want YOU to profit with cash flows and residual income sources in such a manner that your bank account literally explodes out into the communities surrounding YOU, to HELP spread the wealth to others all around YOU.

We have learned how to work with the internet spiders and the other denizens of the web. We have traversed the webs gathering web transportation devices. We are transforming our own web-wizards to help you transform the web into methods of netting profits, and we are building or own network of web links to expand way out beyond normal limitations. And yes, we have been hard at work with our other creations like the automatons.....

Oh, and by the way, we don't make websites, but Web Wizards will develop E-Commerce empowered and enabled empires for YOU. So be the master of your own Domain and Carve your niche out (we will supply YOU with the e-machete) today and watch the rewards build as a legacy for your heirs.

Web Wizards-Our Webs Net YOU Profits. Web Wizards-Our Webs Net YOU Profits. Our Websites Work Like Magic.
Our Websites Work Like Magic. Let Us Work Our Magic For YOU.

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Here are just some ot the e-commerce & commerce related resources you will find on our site and from the other internet companies that we resell ecommerce related products & e-commerce related services for.

A brief description of a small portion of what is available here:

Our Templates
As well as creating a great-looking overall design (the page structure & the advanced foundations) for your e-commerce site, these templates give you a head-start with the basic essentials of your site layout. The componants contained within our templates are really just to give you a starting point, and also embed some copy that you can begin to work with - right off the bat. All you need to do is to is edit the parts YOU want to change, add just a little bit more content and pages of your own, set appropriate keywords and then publish. A super way to get your ecommerce site live in double-quick time.

Our E-Books - These are the "How To Guides", that will help you to break the processes down into easily digestable mouth sized bites, and also as the master image to help snap those puzzling pieces of the puzzle right to the places they need to be. We even have opportunities for YOU in either reselling these ebooks or in becoming an affiliate of our resell programs.

Graphics - A picture is worth a thousand words, I say thee nay, they're worth ten billion words, but only if they are the right graphics, and properly placed graphics. To Help get the reader into visualizing the concept being presented.
E-Commerce Secrets, Solutions & Strategies To Help Start & Run A Successful BusinessYou have to match the Website theme (Niche) and site content to an image that represents your subject matter so that they are there along side you (literally on the same page) in order to create a Buy Now mentality. We have backgrounds, navigation buttons & bars, banners, headers & footers and many other types to help you set the scene for the reader. We can even customize them for YOU to match your sites theme and content.

Software - Our software is the ultimate in providing solutions to the many problems one encounters in the e-commerce arena. Why hand code for 10 hours when one piece of software can do a better job in just 10 minutes? Check out the wide range of software solutions we have. And we are always obtaining more powertools for your toolbox to help in your building process.

 - Monetize your site with Adsense and other elements. Place these directly below the Header Panel or other stategic places on your site to generate revenue from a very important piece of your page's real-estate.
We have some opportunities for you to be ready to start cash flows and revenue streams from practically right out of the box.

We are also looking developing a one stop site for your e-commerce shopping needs. From customer fullfillment, business startup, and controlled profitable growth. Try our one stop domains & hosting below to begin your journey to success today.

Total Domain & Hosting Control, Management & Domination
Net Profits Pak-Total Domain Control & Domination
Total E-Commerce Control, Management & Domination

Browse throughout our site to see what we have. Do yourself a favour and bookmark our site, since we will have tons of goodies and giveaways for YOU in the future like our scavenger hunts, lotteries and more...

Web Wizards Magus

And when we impliment our survey programs please tell us what YOU want to see here because we want to know and we will do our best to do it for YOU.

We are trying to build this site around YOU. So please wear a hardhat if YOU see sawdust flying or see another level being added to our structure.
We all aways looking for ways to improve our site for YOUE-Commerceonsteroids.com Secrets Solutions & Strategies

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